CLT and more wooden buildings

Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT) is a beautiful teaching space constructed with beam and post LVL and plywood.


_MG_5022 _MG_5019 _MG_5016 The 3 storey, 3000 m2 timber framed Arts and Media building utilises new generation earthquake‐resistant technology which consists of pairs of rocking timber walls, joined with energy dissipaters.



All structural details are on show for the students to walk around and see.


 _MG_5028 _MG_5024


This building is ‘locally sourced’ – the trees grow, the timber is manufactured and it is all put together within 50 miles of the site. 


It took 11 weeks to build from start to finish with a team of 4 people.


 Leftover timber was used to create beautiful pieces of furniture.

_MG_5025 _MG_5036


51 Halifax Street is a 3-storey timber framed office building utilising earthquake minimising damage LVL system.


_MG_5041 _MG_5042

The beams weren’t properly secured to the delivery truck and as a result fell off the back when a tight turn was taken around a roundabout.  Some were damaged and returned to Nelson Pine but most were delivered straight to site in still perfect condition – another clear benefit of timber.  If the beams had been made from concrete they would have all broken.


_MG_5040 _MG_5038

Hunter Laminates Nelson is currently prefabricating all the wood for Netball Australia.


_MG_5052 _MG_5060 _MG_5057 _MG_5055 _MG_5062

XLam NZ is the only cross laminated timber (CLT) plant in Australasia.  They use a mix of douglas fir and radiata pine to make CLT. 


_MG_5082 _MG_5080 _MG_5069 _MG_5068 _MG_5067

Once the wood is sorted, cleaned and sawn it is laid out here and the glue sets under vacuum.  There is the ability for 3 pressing per day.  One pressing will hold up to 50 metres cubed of CLT.



They are creating feature ceilings with the CLT.



These CLT panels are ready for an architect’s home.  There is so much detail in the prefabrication that once delivered to site the house will be put together is 1 ½ weeks.


_MG_5072 _MG_5070



 For more information and some great videos visit Xlam NZ




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