Visiting Forte

Make It Wood participated in the WoodSolutions seminar yesterday which focused on building with cross laminate timber and included a visit Lend Lease’s Forte.  The build has been underway for less than a month and already includes two storeys of CLT which really demonstrates the speed and ease of building with wood.  Once complete the building will reduce CO2 emissions by over 1400 tonnes, in comparison to a concrete or steel building.  That is like taking 345 cars off the road for a year.

View of Forte (below) from adjacent apartment building.  Note the clean construction site, only four builders and the crane to the right which simply lifts the CLT panels into place.  The black plastic wrapped cube to the right of the building is a pre-fabricated bathroom, made in Brisbane to top quality European standards.

Panels on the back of a truck, delivering from the Lend Lease warehouse (below), ready to be lifted into place.

The CLT panels are pre-fabricated in Austria and brought to Melbourne in shipping containers through the Suez canal.  They are stored in Lend Lease’s warehouse at the end of North Wharf Road.  It is a little like a giant flat pack delivery from Ikea!

Paintings by local primary school children depicting the ‘house of the future’ on display at the Forte site.

A cold, windy day at docklands in Melbourne.

Read more about Forte


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