Acoustics on the bus

The final day of the WoodSolutions tour took Make It Wood and the Australian group of architects and engineers to West Ham bus garage, in Essex.  Built by Transport for London (TFL), the challenge was to design a huge garage to house 320 double decker red buses with a low carbon footprint and 25% renewable energy.  This was achieved through the use of glulam beams, biomass boilers, a wind turbine, recycling facilities and even a green roof.


The Southward Primary School extension (below) is another KLH cross laminate timber build designed to hold 7 classrooms and an admin room. CLT not only stores carbon, but it is incredibly quick and easy to install.  On site work began just 8 days ago clearly demonstrating the speed at which CLT can be put together.  In this time there have been only 4 chippies, a crane driver at work.  The site is clean, safe and efficient.

The panels of CLT were prefabricated in Austria and driven to London (below)

The big panels lend themselves well to the size of the classrooms.

King’s Place Concert Hall is a steel framed building within a building to elimate noise and vibration from the Piccadilly line.  Both the balcony and stalls are lined with European oak-veneered panels.  All the wood comes from a single 500 year old oak tree which stood in a forest in the Spessart region of Germany.  The tree yielded over an acre of veneer.

The wood has been placed to ensure ultimate acoustics. Architect Paul Jolly explains ‘there was evidence that timber areas help with the tonal beauty of chamber music.  Timber can be moulded easily into details to replicate appropriate acoustic geometries.

Quirky fact for the day – London has 8500 double decker red buses and 100 bus garages.

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