Andrew Waugh is probably the most enthusiastic designer of wood buildings in the UK.  When asked why? ‘I understand it is the architect’s responsibility to act to help reduce the effects of climate change.  Wood is the only viable alternative to concrete or steel.’

(Above) Andrew Waugh, of Waugh Thistleton Architects with Darren Stock of Australand Property Group discuss the benefits of wood buildings in Waugh’s latest project on Whitmore Road.

Whitmore Road, Hackey (below) consists of 6 storeys of CLT and is due to complete within the month.  Situated next to the canal, the building actually overhangs the water by two metres.  It has a hardwood chestnut cladding and big windows characteristic of CLT.  The building will be mixed residential and business and possibly home to Andrew Waugh himself.

Murray Grove (below) is the world’s tallest wood structure.  Built from CLT the 9-storey building was constructed from only 265 trees.  Waugh persuaded the client to build from wood. Why? Because he genuinely believes that buildings like this store large amounts of carbon and can help us tackle climate change.  The build efficiency is unlike any other.  The timber structure itself was constructed over a nine week period by four men, each working a three day week.  It was occupied ahead of schedule in January 2009.

Every apartment in the building sold out within 75 minutes of going on sale.  Surveys show tenant satisfaction to be very high in an area of deprived London.

Old timber clad truck ready for action (above)

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