Cambridge wood types

Cambridge – the ultimate resort for students of the ‘University of Life’.  Such is the destiny for those wishing to study; or is that to punt up the river.  Note that these students are particularly brave as the weather was most unfriendly today.

The Darwin Study Centre, home of Charles Darwin himself, was designed to maximise the view of the river whilst reducing traffic noise from the road.  Hence it faces the opposite direction to that which you might think.  The green oak structural beams are starting to crack but just add character to the beautifully planned room.  Kiln dried oak furniture sit perfectly in this area.

Cambridge Institute for Education (below) opened in 2005 constructed with Glulam support beams.

The library (below) consists of common joists and twined primaries which gives  beautiful effect to a layman like me.

Cambridge Swimming pool (below)

And just to prove that buildings don’t have to be made from wood to be beautiful – whoops I shouldn’t say that!  🙂

Corpus Christi College (below)

King’s College Chapel (below)

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