Educating Shakespeare

Educating Shakespeare – an afternoon of touring the reconstructed Shakespearean theatre, Southbank University and Kingsdale School in Dulwich all of which show off prime examples of timber frames, plywood and cross laminate timber.

The Globe Theatre (below) is the first timber frame building in London since the Great Fire of 1666.  The reconstructed Globe, which opened in 1997, stands only 200 yards from the original site. Techniques used in the reconstruction of the theatre were painstakingly accurate. The building is a ‘authentic’ 16th century timber-framed building – no structural steel was used.  ‘Green’ oak was cut and fashioned according to 16th-century practice and assembled in two-dimensional bays on the Bankside site.

Southbank University (below) is an excellent example of plywood or laminated veneer lumbar.  The glazed curtain wall is 33.4m high and 30.1m wide.

The stairs at Southbank University are profiled laminated plywood.  The detail can be clearly seen in the photo below.

Kingsdale School, Dulwich (below) – the sports hall was the first building in the UK to have been built from cross laminated timber.  Children have found the ‘aesthetics stunning’, to provide a ‘calming feel’, ‘uplifting’.  The architect was asked to transform the culture of the school and rebuiling in CLT was one initiative.  The aim was to prove that it would work better than with concrete or steel.  Since the development works in 2005 the school has seen an improvement in learning.

(Sports hall, Kingsdale school, Dulwich.  Image couteousy)

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