In anticipation of wooden buildings

On 14 May I’ll be traveling overseas with Planet Ark’s ‘Make It Wood‘ campaign on a 5-day fieldtrip of some of the UK’s most innovative and interesting timber projects.  The tour, organised by WoodSolutions, provides an opportunity to discover the latest in timber design, engineering and construction.

I’ve been managing ‘Make It Wood’ since its launch in October last year and I’m really looking forward to discovering different ways of building with responsibly sourced wood.

The tour will be an exciting chance to learn more about how we can build with wood and in turn store vast amounts of carbon, keeping it out of the atmosphere.  I look forward to hearing from the architects and builders themselves who have used innovative wood construction techniques to build.  Hopefully we’ll see more of these wood builds in Australia soon.

I’ll be recording my trip through this blog by providing case studies, photos and interviews of key architects and homebuilders about why they have chosen to use wood in their construction.

Highlights of this blog will include the 9-storey cross laminate timber building – Murray Grove; Architect Marcus Lee’s own ‘wood-framed’ house; the oldest wooden church in the world – Greensted Church in Essex (circa 9th century); the Globe Theatre; Giles Downes’ reconstruction of Windsor castle; and King’s College Chapel in Cambridge.

(Murray Grove, Hackney, NE London, England)

(Woodland Trust Headquarters, Grantham, England)

Chris Philpot, Campaign Manager, Make It Wood, Planet Ark

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